Popping Pills and Bursting Balloons – Paracetamol and Risk-taking

Paracetamol doesn’t just ease your headache – it also influences your decision-making. Not only are people more likely to take risks after being given the pain-killing drug, they’re also less likely to see potentially dangerous activities as risky in the first place.

Full article available at Oxford Science Journalism.

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I have had thoughts, I swear.

Over the course of my DPhil, I do intend to be using this page to put down in writing half-formed thoughts that are directly or adjacently related to psychedelic bioethics. But for now, the best place to see my previous work for general audiences is over on the home page.

Gestational Projects include stuff on:

  • Why psychedelics will make an impact on the mental health crisis, but not the environmental crisis
  • The revolution descends to factionalism: why different actors invested in psychedelic policy reform are, in the long-term, uneasy allies at best
  • Ineffability, transformative experiences, and the problem of consent in psychedelic psychotherapy
  • The not-so-iron law of prohibition: why aggressive policing doesn’t affect cannabis like it does opioids

That said, a PhD is a pretty demanding undertaking, so I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep about how regularly I’ll post stuff here. If nothing else – if I think something is good enough to be read, I’ll probably seek to have it hosted somewhere that people are more likely to find it.

Watch this space.